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Kisakallio is the national training center for the Finnish Gymnastics Federation, both in rhytmic gymnastics and team gymnastics. The renown top trainer Larisa Gryadunova works as our gymnastics trainer.

In the 2000's our partners have been very successful with 7 world championship victories in gymnastics. In rhythmic gymnastics, Team Kisakallio's Katja Volkova competed in the Olympic Games in Rio.


Team Kisakallio's Katja Volkova competed in the Olympic Games in Rio.

Gymnastics Facilities

Technique hall - Due to the TaraFlex underlay and gymnastics mat, the technique hall is excellent for gymnastics. The hall can also be transformed into a full artistic gymnastics hall where you can train in uneven bars, balance beam, horizontal bar and floor exercises. The desired equipment should be stated when booking. The hall has air-conditioning and an accurate and clear speaker system. Size of the hall is 20 x 34 meters.

Ball hall - The ball hall offers two seperable gymnastics areas. Both halls are also equipped with gymnastics mats. The 12 meters high hall provides a fantastic environment e.g for international-level training camps. The hall has air-conditioning and a good speaker system. Size of the hall is 40 x 22,5 meters.

"Somersault pit" - At the end of the art hall is the "somersault pit" where you can safely practice different kinds of jumps, exercises, flips and somersaults. The place is extremely popular among visitorsof all ages and can also be booked for children's birthdays. Ask for an offer!

Mirror hall - The mirror hall with its parquet flooring offers excellent conditions for other training. The mirrors help athletes to perceive a general view of themselves and their surroundings, they are a great help for both athletes and coaches alike. The basic equipment in the room include gymnastics mats and hand weights. Mirror hall dimensions are 10 x 20 meters. The hall is also equipped  with av-equipment, great speakers and a projection screen.



The home and the strategic training center for the Finnish Basketball Federation and all the National Teams from boys and girls U15 to Men and Women.

The 3000sqm Training Center has a FIBA-certificated wood floor which can be divided into two full-sized practice courts or combined to an International standard basketball court. In addition to this, Susi Training Center offers a 40 x 20m for versatile sports use, a 60m-running track with testing facilities and a small gym for supportive training.



Kisakallio has a strategic partnership with the Finnish Volleyball Associations about beach volleyball. Finland’s national teams train there for the summertime before they move to a state-of-the-art indoor facility in Helsinki for the winter season.

The agreement aims at the 2020 Olympic Games.



Kisakallio Sports Institute's versatile and demanding terrain offers a complete training environment even for the most demanding orienteerer.

The terrain of Karnainen consists mostly of old forest, with towering hills and steep cliffs, making the terrain very demanding physically. Delta, the team that won the Jukola relay in 2008 trains year-round at Kisakallio. For younger orienteerers we offer sprint courses in our immediate surroundings. All of the maps at Kisakallio are made by Arvo Paulin, known for his extensive knowledge of the area. In addition to our own maps, there are dozens of hiqh quality maps made by the Hiidenkiertäjät orienteering club.

Kisakallio has also served as the center for the FIN5 orienteering week


Finnish Handball Association and Kisakallio Sports Institute has signed a national cooperation 01.01.2016. As part of the collaboration, Kisakallio Sports institute is the official training center for the association. All Finnish national teams train year round at Kisakallio and also club teams have found Kisakallio.

The new full-size handball hall offers top conditions for all kinds of camps.

As a result of the good cooperation between the Association and Kisakallio, it starts a handball gymnasium in autumn 2016 on Kisakallio.



Kisakallio Sports Institute and the Finnish Curling Association have engaged in a close collaboration since 2004. We have participated in and established in Finland a so called "Five-step" education and training program in which we educate both players and coaches who take part in these courses.

Kisakallio Sports Institute is the official training center for the Finnish Wheelchair Curling Team. We have developed a new Junior Curling-concept, a form of curling for children, with real rules and Junior Curling stones. Kisakallio Sports Institute has hosted both national and international tournaments, the biggest being the World Wheelchair Curling Championships 2015.

The ice rink has six curling lanes, one of which meets international standards and is fully booked for training. The other five tracks allow for example a 200-person company championship to be held.

We have excellent facilities for demanding training in both individual and team sports.


Kisakallio Sports Institute is one of the training- and education centers of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. Whether you play yourself, are a referee, work as an official or train your team as a coach, Kisakallio is the place for you.

A great ice hall created for ice hockey. Kisakallio is especially known for its high quality facilities and service. Let us take care of you and your team, so that you can focus on what matters the most, training. Welcome!


Kisakallio Sport Institute has an artificial turf pitch, which has become widely popular among our customers and received much positive feedback. The pitch enables teams to train year-round in our facility.

The pitch stays warm by utilizing ecological geothermal energy. The size of the pitch is 95 x 55 m.

In addition to the artificial turf pitch, at your disposal is also a "small games stadium" as well as many other opportunities for additional training. Kisakallio is especially known for its well kept landscape and environment and for its superb service. We'll take good care of you and your team, so that you can concentrate on what is essential - practicing.


Kisakallio's big parquet floored ball hall (40 x 22,5 m) offers an ideal training environment. The Westend Indians and TPS Floorball are just some of the teams that have chosen Kisakallio as their training center.

At your disposal are also other facilities such as the technique hall with taraflex flooring, gym, "sommersault pit", small games stadium and the testing station.

Kisakallio is especially known for its high quality facilities and service. Let us take care of you and your team, so that you can focus on what matters the most, training.


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